The Death of Kindness ( a birth story)

When I was pregnant with my first son I was in my first semester of my third year of nursing school. At this stage all I had learned about obstetrics was in theory. In school we are taught to look at each patient as a whole, not just at the situation or the condition, but… Continue reading The Death of Kindness ( a birth story)


The Trenches of Motherhood

As a nurse I like to think of myself as someone who is rational, calm under pressure and confident. Shame that as a mother I am the sobbing lady, freaking out because her baby sneezed. Today I got the dreaded call, that call all mothers dread to receive from nursery school. My youngest, who is… Continue reading The Trenches of Motherhood

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After the Storm… Rainbows

Before my first son was born we were pregnant. We hadn't tried for too long and quickly got excited with the news. We shared with family and friends and made plans. We went to our first appointment filled with joy and anticipation only to hear that our baby was a "non-viable pregnancy", " 1 in… Continue reading After the Storm… Rainbows