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This place has been a little dead. It's so easy to go ahead and post on instagram or my Facebook page and I have been super lazy. Then I get nostalgic and remember how much happiness blogs have brought to my life and I come back and sit down and stare at my computer screen.… Continue reading


DIY First Birthday Party

I don't know about your family, but in ours firsts are a big celebration. Actually in our family everything is a motive to celebrate. So, when the time comes I go all crazy into organizing my children's first birthday party. For David this was easy, I knew what the theme was and I had the… Continue reading DIY First Birthday Party

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The Struggle is Real

When I started the night shift mom I had a very clear idea of where I wanted to go and who I wanted to write to. I wanted to write for moms, but then I started writing and it had a therapeutic effect on me. Then I started sharing about some of my passions like… Continue reading The Struggle is Real


Part One

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions from different people about being pregnant and giving birth in Portugal, more specifically in the Cascais area. I decided a little field guide would be most helpful to answer all of these questions. So I am writing a two part blog post about it. This first… Continue reading Part One

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Enfermagem Forense

No ultimo ano de faculdade foi-nos pedido que escrevêssemos um trabalho para a cadeira de Investigação. Soube imediatamente qual seria o tema. Partilhei com as minhas colegas que relutantemente acordaram em escrevê-lo comigo. Obrigada Tamara e Patrícia por embarcarem nesta aventura comigo. “ A Importância do Enfermeiro Forense no Serviço de Urgência” Ao construirmos este… Continue reading Enfermagem Forense